5 speed Gearbox selector shaft leak

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Re: 5 speed Gearbox selector shaft leak

Postby FI Spyder » 27 Nov 2022 16:23

[quote="tr7dan"]Well, 150 test miles in and the ad hoc selector shaft seal is still drizabone, not exhaustive testing I know, but promising....

I've now painted the sills in satin black and fitted the original steel wheels and plastic trims - I think there's just the door mirror to paint black now and that's it - back to how it was in 1982 when I bought it.... well.....apart from the fact that it came originally with just a drivers door mirror, I mean, why would they do that ? :shock:

That's the way they came from the factory (my FI Spider only has a driver's door mirror). The passenger door mirror was an option installed at the dealer if required/requested. I heard that the radios that came standard in the Spiders and 30th anniversary editions came in the trunk and were installed by the dealer. I'm thinking other than saving the factory money, it gave a prospective buyer/dealer the option of upgrading the radio at that time (which it was in one instance with a Panasonic radio).
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