Re: Fitting new Bluetooth radio!!

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Re: Fitting new Bluetooth radio!!

Postby hwadd » 15 Aug 2019 18:27

Hi folks,

I've recently bought a classic car stereo(with modern functions)for Tom my beloved tr7!! I have a rough idea of how to fit it, but not really sure how to fit the speakers!! Any idea's anybodies?!! :roll:

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Re: Fitting new Bluetooth radio!!

Postby saabfast » 15 Aug 2019 19:48

As far as I am aware 7's only had door speakers (in the forward lower corner if you do not have anything currently fitted). I make do with these (5" IIRC) but then I am tone deaf. Others of a more musical bent have fitted fancy slim speakers on the rear bulkhead too. Not sure what they were but they might show up in a search.
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