paint for Tr7 help please

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paint for Tr7 help please

Postby Traindriver69 » 20 Jun 2019 19:54

Hi all
I have a 1981 Tr7 in platnium silver and I am looking for paint in the original colour to repaint it but I am confused I have been asking suppliers on ebay for cellulose paint as I thought that is what it would have been sprayed in originally.But some are saying as its a metallic paint you can not get it in cellulose you have to use a base paint and then top coat it and someone else saying yes they do it in cellulose.
Does anyone know the true answer and if I have to use modern paints I am looking for safe just use a face mask not having to use airfed masks so I dont kill myself a few years down the road.
many thanks in advance

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Re: paint for Tr7 help please

Postby supercass » 20 Jun 2019 22:39

To my understanding thermoplastic acrylic was the type of paint that was used. I believe this is resin based and different to cellulose. supercass

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Re: paint for Tr7 help please

Postby FI Spyder » 21 Jun 2019 15:07

Thermo Plastic Acrylic was used on the Spider (I have the TPA Paint sticker on the top of the LH strut). I don't know if that was used on all the colours, or on what years. It was dull when applied on and put in a heat tunnel to melt it and obtain the glossy smooth finish. You would not be able to replicate that in your garage. "Modern" paints are water based epoxy for environmental reasons and you can't do that in your garage because they required a heat tunnel to cure them (drive off the water). Your best bet is to use an acrylic paint for practical use (consult your local auto paint supplier) and leave the cellulose paints for the OCD restorers (if your car even had it) that are doing a museum piece.
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Re: paint for Tr7 help please

Postby kstrutt1 » 22 Jun 2019 11:02

The modern alternative to TPA would be a acrylic 2 pack base and laquer system, this works very well but does need fresh air breathing equipment to apply as it is poisonous.
Some metallics do come in a single coat system but I have always found they are difficult to get good results with, if you apply it thick enough to get a good finish the metal seems to sink making it darker and it is almost impossible to blend in.
Cellulose is still a pretty good option for the home restorer on plain colours, use a good epoxy primer, put plenty of topcoat on and it can always be flatted back to a good finish, I find it only needs polishing once or twice a year to keep the shine. Its pretty useless for metalics though.
If you are only doing local repairs or single panels water based paints can be cured with a heat lamp but they still need 2 pack laquer on top.
Its also worth paying a bit more for good quality paint it goes on easier covers a larger area and lasts longer.

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