TR7/8 rally cars in game consoles

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TR7/8 rally cars in game consoles

Postby soksy » 05 Apr 2020 19:32

Hi, long time no post as I do not have a tr7 now, just a question really does anybody no what console games where you could drive a TR7/8 around on have tried to google but no results, just while we are on lockdown, I'm very lucky I remembered my password.
I still have old tr7 stuff model cars to build and car brochures that I collected when I had a tr7 - S & S Preparations, Grinnall cars, Cardinal Cars, Robsport all in a folder, wish I could afford another.
I have now gone to the dark side and have a Mazda eunos Mk1 British racing green neo pop up headlights, thanks
Still remember poor Ally who passed away quite a while back, hope everybody is well.

Best Wishes John - from up north.

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Re: TR7/8 rally cars in game consoles

Postby busheytrader » 09 Apr 2020 18:08

Never found a 7 on a console but I remember it on Scalextric. Terrible round corners.

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